The integrated post-processor (add-on module) VIEWER4WINLIFE simplifies the presentation of results, as only a few mouse clicks are required to display the iso-lifes. The FE model, i.e. the FE mesh with its coordinates, and the calculation results are read in completely.

Of course, the winLIFE results can also be displayed in the post-processor of the FE programme. However, this requires a switch from winLIFE to the post-processor of the FE programme and the results file of winLIFE must be opened and read in the FE post-processor. This is more or less time-consuming depending on the post-processor used.

To start the viewer, select from the menu

Result / Viewer

and the following screen appears:

Display of results in the VIEWER4WINLIFE


The entire structure is displayed with the results. You can choose between:

  • Damage sum
  • Degree of utilisation
  • Equivalent amplitude

In addition

  • Areas can be selected for the display
  • Nodes and/or elements can be assigned certain properties (attributes):
    Weld seam class (FAT)
    Sheet thickness
    Surface roughness
    Weld seam number
    Surface layer factor
    Protective layer factor
    Fatigue strength,
    Wöhler line inclination
    These attributes then affect the fatigue life calculation
  • Node lists can be generated and used for subsequent calculations

The Viewer allows the user to

  • perform a variety of parameter studies without leaving winLIFE, and
  • define groups of nodes and/or elements that can be used for analysis or further calculations.

The usual post-processor actions are also supported in VIEWER4WINLIFE.

The speed of the VIEWER4WINLIFE display is increased by the fact that a file is created when the data is first read in, which allows a significant increase in the speed of subsequent operations.