winLIFE Seminars and Workshops

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FKM Guidelines

The FKM Guideline has been issued by the German Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau e.V. (FKM) for calculated durability proof for machine components and has become established as a quasi-standard. The aim of the seminar is to understand the FKM Guideline and be able to use it. The fatigue durability and the static strength verification for non-welded components are discussed with regard to the FKM Guideline. To make this clearer, examples from the FKM Guideline are re-calculated, mainly using the program winLIFE.

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BASIC Seminar

To show fatigue life calculation of dynamically loaded components. This is done using the program winLIFE. However, the topics are general and can be also put to use without winLIFE.
We will discuss the theoretical basics of fatigue life analysis and calculate examples with winLIFE. This seminar is recommended for all new buyers of winLIFE and for all those who wish to work with computer-aided fatigue life calculation. There are enough PCs for all seminar participants to do the practical exercises.

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Fatigue Life Calculation of dynamically loaded components under multiaxial loads.
The theoretical basics of multiaxial fatigue life analysis are covered and examples calculated with the program winLIFE.
For all the calculation examples carried out the results are given which enables the participants to check their results.

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RANDOM FATIGUE - only as inhouse seminar

The stochastic analysis is offered together with the multi-body dynamics as a 2-day inhouse seminar

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