Fatigue Life Analysis

Many new winLIFE customers commission an initial pilot project. A typical task is worked on together with the new winLIFE user and all steps are explained and documented. The data is installed on the customer's workstation and serves as a template for similar projects in the future. During this joint project work, which sometimes takes place at the customer's premises, the employees get to know each other personally and the basis for a close and uncomplicated cooperation is laid.

Examples for such projects are:

  • Fatigue life analysis of weld seams in crane vehicles and proposals for improvement
  • Fatigue life analysis of chassis of military vehicles and proposals for upgrading the components
  • Evaluation of measurements on strain gages to define a representative load spectrum of vehicle components
  • Fatigue life analysis of transmission components and determination of damage equivalent distances
  • Fatigue life analysis of wind turbine components according to certification guidelines
  • Fatigue life of commercial vehicle tyres in case of thermal load
  • Strengthening of constant speed joints by material modification
  • Fatigue life analysis of needle bearings in pendular motion taking into account hardening depth