winLIFE Patch

Please overwrite the files of a current winLIFE 2021 installation with the content of the zip file.
Innovations version compared to
Selection of individual stress components for the calculation is now possible
Generation of stress gradients for imported lst-files is now possible, additional stress gradient at plate edges is implemented
Generation of 2D stresses for solid elements with imported Actual-files possible
Improved import of Actual-file (no blanks at the end)
Dynamic modulation with 7 decimal places
In the assignment matrix, only for solid elements the equivalent stress hypothesis normal stress with respective major principal stress can be selected when forming the hysteresis loop  
A conventional node selection via the file *.kno is possible again without having to go via the Viewer
In the Viewer, the element edge setting is now saved after closing.
The command Show / Hide now also appears at "result" when opening the viewer
Innovations to version compared to
Saving materials into the library is now possible with the FKM module even without the base module.
Ansys files with results of arithmetic operations can now be read in
Non-linear and linear Adina files can be read in via the Viewer
Speed optimisation when calculating with non-linear LST files
Size of the file Max_schad.kno can be defined independently (parameter of the rough analysis)

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